Resilience in Humanitarian and Disaster Situations

Focus area: Evidence for the activity and impact of Local Faith Communities in promoting individual and community resilience in humanitarian and disaster situations. 

Leadership: Co-chaired by Rachel Carnegie and Helen Stawski (Archbishop of Canterbury's Office of International Development) 

Members: Members of the Learning Hub Advisory Group

Current Focus of Work:

  • LFCs and faith groups are ubiquitous in providing aid and support to people in disaster, conflict and other humanitarian situations. 
  • The Learning Hub is working to develop a survey of what is already known about their activities and contributions. The subtopics of the survey are being refined. 
  • The Survey will be led by several academic members of the Learning Hub, paired with practitioner members who will inject the field perspective into the process. 

Local Faith Communities in Humanitarian Situations: Policy Note. February 2013

Under the auspices of the JLI on Faith and Local Communities, the Learning Hub on Resilience, made up of 20 practitioners, academics and policy makers expert in humanitarian services and faith community, have guided a scoping report on the question of evidence for LFC contribution to resilience. This paper abstracts from that report, and summarises available evidence. 

The full report is available here.

The policy note is available here.